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We got around to putting the Events page back up. Everything going on at both Moose County and in the fine town of Old Orchard Beach will be posted up there. Keep an eye on it and make sure you join us for all the fun! Why not start tonight? We'll be at Jimmy the Greeks at a fundraiser for our very own OOB Ballpark. Come by and meet Oil Can Boyt, past pitcher from the Boston Red Sox!!

Second update of the day? Well aren't you lucky! As it turns out, when Cleo gets bored she makes awesome things. This time, it was a forum for Moose County! It's still in the beginning stages, but you can sign up here to get started yourself.

Winter surfing: most people think you've gotta be a little crazy to do it, and that's probably true. Be that as it may, you'll stay nice and toasty in a 6/5/4 or a 5/4. Looking to upgrade from your current winter suit? We've got you covered...literally! Got a winter suit but could use to be a little warmer? We've got a TON of poly pro winter rash guards, skull caps, shorts, and socks (best idea ever?) to make your winter sessions just a little more comfortable. After all, the waves are still there in the winter, and the beach is usually empty! No dodging the crowds in January, right?

Just wanted to let you kids know that we're closing early tonight at 4 pm.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Don't forget to stop in after you get out of the water for some piping hot FREE coffee today! 

Thank you to all who participated in our After X-mas sale.  We'll rest better at night knowing that you all are warm out there in the water in your Rip Curl and Hotline wetsuits.  Still don't have your perfect winter suit?  Buy one and get boots, gloves or a rashguard, YOUR CHOICE, free!  (Offer limited to stock on hand.  Offer is good for any thickness of gloves, booties, winter or summer rashguards.  This is up to a $70 value!)

And don't forget, we're at the shop until 4pm today, so if you're out and about in this nasty weather stop in for some free coffee!   

l changed my mind kids, we're going to be open tomorrow, Saturday January 2nd.  I mean, how many days does someone really need to recover from multiple bottles of champagne?  Come in and visit, watch some cheesy '60 flicks and drink some FREE coffee-flavored coffee with caffeine.  Oh, and please be gentle, I may still be a bit rough around the edges.  -Amber-.

All Xcel and Rip Curl 6/5/4's and 5/4/3's are on sale!  Mad cheap at only $199!  What!?  Nope, that wasn't a typo.  $199!  The sale is limited to the suits that we currently have in stock, so make sure you come in sooooon to snag yours before someone else does.  Sale items are not available for shipping.

Hours for the following week are,

Open Tues and Wed, Dec 29th & 30th, full days.
Thursday, Dec 31, New Years Eve, closing at 3pm.

Bonfire at 4:30pm on the beach and fireworks at 5:30.
Polar dip at high noon on Friday the first!

Friday and Saturday, Jan 1st & 2nd, closed.

We will be resuming normal hours again on Tuesday, Jan 5th.

Holiday hours for you procrastinators out there.  We are open Tuesday, Dec 22, all day and Wednesday, Dec 23, until at least 3pm.  Closed Monday, Dec 21,Thursday, Dec 24, Friday, Dec 25, & Saturday, Dec 26. 

Holy crap. It is COLD outside!

The snow's finally here and it's looking like wintertime in Maine at last! Man, tomorrow should be a good day to paddle out. Looks to be about waist-high and offshore. Nothing huge, but not too shabby! We're undergoing a facelift in Moose County, so to speak, to give you guys a place to chill (er, warm up) after paddling out all day, by taking down the Tower of Babylon skate display and creating an area to sit and relax, catch some surf movies, and listen to live music on Saturdays. Hey, if you wanna jam just let us know!

In other news, the roads suck today. Icy with a nice powder coating. If you have to drive, be careful! Accidents lead to losing time in the water, and we all know winter surfing is the best.

It may not look like it outside, but we're already into December! That means lots of things to different people. We'd like to wish you all a happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and to you atheists, we wish you a happy Saturday!

With the holiday season in mind, Moose County would like to announce our WINTAH SALE. Read on to see just what we're hooking you up with:



Holy shrimp! Now THAT'S a sale, huh? You're sure to find something for a few people on your list this way! We know holiday shopping sucks, so we'd like to make it a little easier on you. After all, we like you!

Hey guys, we've got some big wetsuit news for you! We recently got in a MAMMOTH Rip Curl shipment, including a few of the 4/3 Insulators, which are only being released to a select few CORE surf shops at this point in time. Yeah, Moose County really is as cool as you thought! Check out the details here.

We've also got full size runs of Hotline's 5/4 hooded Reflex, which Cleo now rocks as her winter suit. Ask her about these phenomenally flexy suits and be prepared to hear her geek out for a good hour or so! For those of you more interested in staying super-duper-freaking warm than having the crazy-responsive design, we've got a boatload of CCUs in stock now. These feature a shoulder-to-shoulder zip and 5/4mm construction. Hotline claims to have a "custom fit right off the rack" and boy are they right!

Don't worry, we didn't leave out you Xcel fans! We've got a big shipment on its way, due in early next week, including more of your beloved Infiniti Drylocks! Stay tuned for updates on that!

Aloha groms and betties! Tonight, from 6-9 pm at the Brian Boru in Portland is the 4th annual Trumann Real Estate Group Luau! Come on down in your aloha shirts and be ready to kick back, enjoy the music of the Hi Tides, maybe win some awesome swag, have some food, have some beer, and have an awesome time! We'll see you there!

Hey guys, like the new setup? We're still geekin' out over the new banner, courtesy of our buddy Jonesy. Thanks Jonesy, you rock!

In other news, today is election day. There are a couple really big things on this ballot, so remember to get out and vote, and let your voice be heard! No use complaining about the outcome if you didn't make an effort, right?

10/24/09 has a new look! We're working out the kinks, but it's been too long since we've updated. Also, as you've probably noticed, we've got a Twitter account! You can follow @moosecounty on there, or check in on our Facebook page as well! They're linked up top, but harm in being repetitive!


If you're not paddling out this weekend, you're either not a surfer or lacking in
wetsuit area. Either way, we need to fix that for you. To get a lesson this time of year, you need a winter know where this is going. Lucky for you, Moose County has you covered in the winter suit area! Stop in to check out our selection of both men's and women's Xcel Infiniti Drylock hooded suits, and men's Rip Curl F-Bomb hooded suits. We've also got 7mm mitts, lobstah claws, and booties to keep your appendages nice and toasty.

Whether you're a fan of Rip Curl or Xcel, we can get you set up and ready to head out into the head-high all winter. After all, who wants to miss out on these hurricane waves?

Quick update for you all. Moose County is setting up an online shopping system this week to get you all your favorite gear for the Moose County price, without having to drive all the way out to OOB! Stay tuned for that, but until then, just email us if you want to place an order and we'll do it the old-fashioned way.

Happy ROCKtober, everyone! It's that time of year again...the leaves are changing, the tourists are back to look at them, traffic starts building up, and you're given that time to curse at the other cars and fantasize about the hurricane-powered waves soon to come.

It's also about to snow...

You can feel it, can't you? You feel it and you're getting PUMPED about all the fresh powder on the way, un-groomed and ready to be shredded up! You're gonna need somewhere to ride about Shawnee Peak? Get this: they've got a nighttime season pass going for $109 with no blackout dates! Holy crap, people! Can you be-freakin-lieve it? If you need more details, just check this out. Better hurry though, this deal only lasts until the 13th of October. Now's the time to get your passes, scrape off the summer base, sharpen those edges, and get ready!


We'd like to wish a very happy 19th birthday to Ali, the youngest daughter in the Trumann clan!
Aloha au ia'oe, wahine!

Our site navigation seems to have exploded...we're working on that now. It should be cleaned up by this afternoon!

On other more awesome notes, it must be said that Moose County loves our #1 wetsuit brand, Rip Curl. Yeah, we've got other stuff in stock...we've got Hotline, Xcel and Body Glove, but something has to be said for Rip Curl. That's what Cleo and Amber both use, and it is pretty freakin' sweet. One of Cleo's infamous product description pages is in the works for the Rip Curl F-Bomb. Be prepared...

Xcel wetsuit page is up. We'll fill your head with vast amounts of knowledge on these excellent winter suits. Check it out!

WHO LIKES XCEL??? Everybody, that's who! We've got Rip Curl, we've got Body Glove, hell we've even got Hotline...however, you like what you like and no one wants to stray from a favorite, so for those of you who are all about Xcel, we're providing for you! We've got men's AND women's winter suits included in this sweet shipment. Wanna see just what we have? Come on in and check it out for yourself or wait for the pics tomorrow!

Big update coming for you soon! Cleo's gotten bored with the setup of and has decided to change things up on here. Maybe just a little, or maybe a complete layout change. We'll see...

In other news, we have 8 more Landyz in! We love our Landyachtz and they love us. More MASSIVE Hawgs wheels in, as well as sliding gloves. We've pretty much got you covered for skate.

As for our fellow surfers, we at Moose County would like to inform you that your prayers have been answered! That's right, Moose County is now an authorized Xcel wetsuit dealer! We're adding this heavy hitter of a brand to our lineup, and the first shipment will be in soon. We'll keep you posted!

Holy crap. Did you see those waves Sunday? They. Got. BIG. If you were crazy enough to paddle out when the swell peaked, we're glad you made it back to dry land! Over here in OOB, the beaches ended up closing Sunday, which kind of puts it all in perspective. For those of you who sat this one out, no worries. Rumor has it this coming weekend will bring a fairly big swell. Nothing to get the beaches closed, but still something fun.

As for other news, SKATEBOARDS! Yes, we've got a ridiculous amount of longboards in, and we're getting even more this week! Another EIGHT Landyachtz are included with this behemoth of a restocking order. Dude...seriously. If you're thinking about getting a killer longboard, come visit us, your buddies at Moose County, and see what we can do for you.

For those of you who missed it, Saturday's big Surfrider beach cleanup event went off without a hitch! Lots of people helped out, cleaned the beach, and played in the sand until it was time to head down to Surf 6 for lunch and some vino. All and all, it was an excellent event, and we thank our buddies in the Surfrider Foundation for doing these big cleanups. Cleaner beaches mean cleaner water, happier marine life, and a better time in the waves for you! Don't forget, if you're a member of the Surfrider Foundation and shop at Moose County, we nix the sales tax for you. That's right! We'll pay the tax so you pay what you see on the tag! You keep the oceans clean and happy, we'll keep your wallet happy. Easy as that.

What's going on, Moose friends? Hope you've had a good week so far! Cleo and Dana just returned from a trip to Quebec City in Canada, where they planned to bomb the Plains of Abraham (but failed, due to too much foot traffic) and partied it up with pirate-folk! But enough about us, let's talk about YOU and your plans for this weekend...

Saturday, August 15 is the big annual Surfrider Beach Cleanup, and it's happening right in our backyard beach! Meet on the beach right off Walnut (that's the street next to Moose County!) at 10 am, pick up some trash, paddle out, chill on the beach, then afterward head to Surf 6 for the Barefoot Wine sponsored luncheon! A great way to finish up a morning of helping the environment. :) For mor info, check out Surfrider of Northern New England's Facebook Page!

Hey guys, enjoying the sun? We are too! However, it's bringing to light some

It seems lately like everyone's getting into longboard skateboarding. And you know what? That really is the case. Seriously, why not? It can be a super-fun (and ozone-friendly) mode of transportation, AND you can choose to shred up the pavement like our skate team does! If you've ever even toyed with the idea of getting into longboard skate, come by Moose County and talk to one of us. We'll have the answers to any of the questions you might have, and we're sure to have a board or accessories to suit your needs. Still not sure about it? Just stop in or shoot us an email and we'll help you figure it all out.

While you're waiting for this rain to stop so you can skate, go ahead and paddle out! The waves should be building up as the day goes on. Gotta love these storms!

It's been so long since we've updated the site...don't worry though, we still love you! It's just been crazy at the shop lately. The sun's decided to make an appearance again, and most of us had forgotten what it was like. Everyone's been enjoying the beautiful weather, and we hope it keeps up!

 The nor-easter storms are gone, as are the nor-easter waves, but don't worry. It's a great time to take out a SUP and kick around out in the ocean, and when the waves are there, go ahead and catch some!

As always, we have a TON of killer inventory fresh in, including lots of new Landyachtz, ukuleles, Oakleys, Reef sandals, and HIC apparel! Come down, soak up the rays, and check out some sweet gear at Moose County!

Oh yes...  The Oakley Red Sox shades arrived this morning....  Oh yes...

We also got some pictures up from Saturday night's soiree for International Surf Day.  Thanks to our buddy Jam'n Jim Galloway for taking providing them!

We just wanted to thank all who turned out and joined us last night for International Surf Day.  The entire evening was a blast and the waves can only be described as EPIC!  Dana was floored and admitted that if the waves were that good all the time, that he would surf every day and Amber would have to go get a REAL job...  Oh snap!

Special thanks to our Rip Curl and Ocean Minded rep Marc Angelillo for the schwag that he provided for the Surfrider raffle.  There were more than a few happy peeps stoked to get the gear!

And keep the date free, Saturday, August 15th we're teaming up with Surfrider again for the Barefoot Wines Beach Cleanup.

International Surf Day has arrived!  Head to your favorite beach and celebrate the surf!  We're going to be on the beach at the bottom of Union Ave this evening with Surfrider.  There's going to be a bonfire, a raffle and even SUP demos.  We're there from 6pm to 9pm.  You best show up!

Not a member of Surfrider yet?  Join today only and not only do you get the satisfaction of helping to save our beaches but Surfrider will also send you the official Int. Surf Day tee and will print your name in the upcoming issue of Surfer Magazine!  Of course as a member you never have to pay sales tax at the good old Moose County either!  (How can you afford NOT TO JOIN?)

We don't know about you, but our ultimate post-session snack is a big sloppy burrito.  Dana-The-Man loves the hots, and he found some amazing hot sauce that will make you HURL (with joy)!  It's called Tiger Teeth Pepper Fiery Habanero and it hurts just to smell...  From across the room!  It's Maine made so obviously it's fantastic.

Four giant boxes of musical awesome showed up today!  We got you covered for electric guitars, acoustic guitars (including classical!), ukuleles and strings!  Also more HIC apparel arrived, tee-shirts and now hoodies (with cell phone pockets and of course, awesome graphics).  And yes, more Oakley sunglasses arrived! 

Whew, soooo much cardboard.  Which of course, we recycle!  We love our planet.  We know you do too.  Remember, join Surfrider and Moose County will pay your sales tax for you!  That's 5% off of EVERYTHING you purchase in tha store!

Speaking of Surfrider, make sure you're around this Saturday, June 20th for International Surf Day.  We will be teaming up with Surfrider for SUP demos, a raffle and a bonfire on the beach!  6pm to 9pm down at the end of Union Ave in our good ol' OOB.

Aloha for now kiddos.

We need room.  You'll eventually need winter gear (unfortunately it WILL come back again...).  Want to help both yourself and us?  Come in and snag Rip Curl winter gear; 6/5/4 hooded suits, booties, hoods, gloves, flannels, sweaters, jeans,
jackets, ect., ect., ect., all at 25% off!

Awe...  Thanks!  We love you too!

Our 2009 shipment of Katin arrived today!  Ridiculously awesome tees, boardshorts and even "Kordz"!  Need old school nylon shorts?  Of course Katin delivers!  Made in the U.S.A.  Just like Grandma used to wear...

Also got the chance to get the
Body Glove wetsuit pics up.

Oh, and don't forget!  June 14th is International Go Longboarding Day.  Get ready to go out there and SKATE!

BIG STICKS ARE IN! We have never seen Amber so excited about the arrival of a new product as she was when she opened that box. For those of you who don't know what Big Sticks are, they're basically dry land SUP paddles. You use them with your longboard and CRUISE. Pics soon!

Quick update. We've got guitars and ukuleles coming in next week! We'll keep you posted on that, but in the meantime stop by and check out the Danelectro Cool Cat pedals we have in stock! Awesome sound, awesome prices.

Body Glove crossed our doorstep this morning!  We now have all kinds of ridiculous rubber for you to check out.  What are you waiting for?  Click the address link above to see the map for you visual types.

Reef arrived today!  Also got the
Oakley pics up.

OAKLEY HAS ARRIVED! We have 18 styles in, with another 18 on the way, including the Red Sox ones for all you die-hard fans out there like us. We've also got another half-dozen Landyachtz in stock, which Cleo has yet again assembled at the cost of the skin on her knuckles. Gotta love grip tape...

More Rip Curl suits are in, as are a bunch of booties and some more 2mm gloves.

So, with more longboards than we can fit on the Tower of Babylon and a ridiculous amount of surf and skate gear with more always on the way, you've got to come down and check us out!

Landyachtz clothing showed up today!  We got tee's and hoodies including a one of a kind tee-shirt that you can't buy anywhere else in the WORLD.  Yeah, we're that special...Also got up pictures of our Katin and Rip Curl walk shorts.

Barack fever is still sweeping the lands and we have the trunks that will allow you to show your love in the absolute coolest way ever!  Hawaiian Island Creations have come out with the Bruddah Barry boardshorts and we have them IN STOCK!
  Take a sec to check them out and then RUN (don't walk!) on down to get your pair.

As most of you have noticed, there really hasn't been much of a swell here in OOB this past week, which makes surfers sad. It's getting to your pals at Moose County too. DON'T WORRY THOUGH! When the waves are non-existent or what have you, it's a perfect time to take out a stand-up paddleboard! Take one of those big daddies out past the break, get yourself up, and start paddling. Without having to worry about the pop-up, you'll get waves you normally wouldn't even bother with! SUPs are crazy fun on good waves, but they're perfect for days like these as well.

So what are you waiting for? Come down to Moose County, grab one of our rental SUPs, and get out in the water to cool yourself off and have some fun! We'll see you in there!

Hotline has arrived!!!
  We've got their all new for 2009 Reflex wetsuittee's and hoodies.  You have DEFINITELY got to check these sweet sweet suits out. We've also gotten word that our Oakley shipment is officially on the way!  It won't be long now until we've got this stellar brand in store for you to score at Moose County prices.  And excitedly, we're the only authorized dealer for Oakley's in all of Old Orchard Beach!  Speaking of on the way, we've also got more Landyachts en route.  This shipment not only includes even more insane boards, but also tons of clothes for you to sport!  Remember, Moose County is open 7 days a week, so come check us out!

We've got our new gear up!  The HIC tee's are rocking as well as our new Rip Curl boardshorts.  We've also added Rip Curl Women's boardshorts to our lineup.  Lastly, we have a few new Landyachtz for all you speed demons to gawk over, and even more on the way!

To put it bluntly, Sunday's Taste of OOB was freaking sweet. Lots of groms and betties stopped by to demo the Landyachtz Spud we had out despite it being overcast and chilly out, and Dana's 2 year old granddaughter even showed the crowd how it's done! Thanks for coming down and showing your love, and remember to stop by to see us at the shop! We've got a TON more HIC inventory in, including the "Work sucks. I'm going surfing" tee, which is a personal fave. (Haha kidding, working at Moose County is awesome!)

So, what are you waiting for? Come down to Moose County, get yourself some dapper summer duds, and try out a Landyachtz Demo today!

We got 6 more Landyachtz in this week, including one to demo. Cleo spent all day yesterday sacrificing the skin on her knuckles to get these completes put together so you all can come down to Moose County, check them out, and maybe try out the demo Spud to see just how killer the ride is on one of these beasts. (After testing the demo, we've all but sworn off any other's that good.)

On another note, Sunday (as in tomorrow) is the Taste of OOB! From 12-5 you can come to Main St. in OOB and check out all the local businesses and what they have to offer. There's also a huge treasure hunt going on with $500 buried treasure! Pretty sweet, huh? There will be tons of fun stuff for everyone, including activities for the kids. Trust us, you're not gonna want to miss this!

Hope to see you all there, and look for Moose County at the Taste of OOB!

We've got a ton of stuff going on right now here at Moose County. We've extended our hours to include Sunday, open 10-4. We have another 6 Landyachtz coming in this coming week, and we'll have our sick Reef Brazil shipment in very soon. We're also starting up a Moose County account so you can see pictures from all our events! Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime come visit us at the beach!

Our Wetsuit page is now officially online.  Check it out
to see our great selection of Rip Curl neoprene gear!

We've also added an Events page.  Check back often to see what Moose County has coming up on our social calendar.  Our next event is on Sunday, May 3.  Make sure you join us!

So Dana's still out on the west coast with Ben, showing off the rad film BlueGreen, and they're having a great time! Everybody's loving the film, and several people have walked away with new surfboards from the raffles held after the showings. Pretty sweet! Remember to check out the BlueGreen website, and if you're on Facebook, add it there too!
Here on the east coast, the women are still gearing up for the ridiculous masses of inventory coming in. We've got our first shipment of HIC, a MONSTER shipment of Ocean Minded sandals, and are expecting all sorts of shipments in the next few weeks. Come by to see the new gear, and check it out as we add photos online!

We also got in our Landyachtz!  9 freaking sweet boards have joined our stock.  Check them out here.  We also got in Bear trucks, Hawgs wheels and slide gloves!  Pictures of those to come soon.

While the women are running the show here on the east coast, Dana's out in Seattle with our good friend Ben Keller, promoting Ben's new movie BlueGreen! This is a must-have for your surf film collection; even if you don't surf you'll love this film. It's got a lot of big names in it too, including Keith Malloy, Layne Beachly, Robert August...the list goes on. And to make it even cooler, it's narrated by none other than Wingnut himself! Check out BlueGreen on our Links page, and if you're on the west coast, check out a screening near you! If you're like us and can't get to a screening, check out the BlueGreen Facebook page for exclusive clips, photos and updates from the tour!

We're now official Reef Brazil dealers! We'll keep you posted on when they're due in and all that, but for now we thought you'd rest easier knowing you can get your Reef fix from us.

We got our first Ocean Minded shipment of the season in yesterday! Lots of new styles and colors, including two new colors of the Bethany. Man, those are comfy...
We should have another shipment in (hopefully) today, with displays and more sandals, including sandals for kids!!! They have the little strap on the back for the smaller sizes, which are always helpful to keep your little one from tripping. We don't want that!
While it may be cold and rainy outside today, we're gearing up for the summer inside Moose County, so come down and check out all the awesome new swag! Also, check out the new Apparel tab on our navigation. Amber did her part and took a ton of new pictures so you can see how awesome we (and our stuff) are. You know you love us.

Hawaiian Island Creations have arrived!  As of this morning we have HIC caps, tees and boardshorts.  You've got to check out the sick Spam trunks!  We'll get some pictures up for you guys to drool over.

In skate news, we have Landyachtz on the way.  They're expected to arrive in store mid-April.  Stay tuned for pics of those as well.

While it may not look like much has happened on the site, we've been hard at work these past few weeks, trying to make it easier for you guys to find us on the web. We're setting up all sorts of cool stuff so when you run a search, you'll find us! Now, that's not all we've been doing. We've done a lot of work on displays and rearranging Moose County so we can cram all the killer gear that's coming in April into the shop, while still leaving room for you to walk. We are so stoked for the summer to come, and you should be too!

Hey guys, a lot of stuff has happened this past week. We've signed on to carry both Oakley and Sailor Jerry, we're expecting all sorts of cool gear and apparel in the next couple of weeks, AND we're continuing to revamp the shop's layout! The weather's been getting warmer and we're starting to gear up for a killer summer season. We've still got some Nitro, Raiden, and Grenade inventory in stock, so if you want to grab some snowboarding gear for MAD cheap, come to us! Seriously, you're not gonna find this gear cheaper anywhere else!

as well as some 3/7/09
We've added to our Surf navigation by creating pages for lessons and rentals. Check it out!

Despite making a lot of headway with the technical difficulties these past few days, we're still working out the bugs with the whole shopping cart system. We'll have it fixed SOON, but for now if you're looking to buy anything we're showing online, just email us and we'll send you the shipping price and total price, and from there you can pay through PayPal.
Thanks for being so patient!

Our first shipment of Danelectro guitars came in!!! We've got images and descriptions up on our Music page, but if you have any more questions just feel free to email us!

Hey guys, the HUGE snowboard sale starts today in-store! We're experiencing some technical difficulties which are making it a bit of a challenge to start the sale online today, but rest-assured it'll be going online Monday, March 2nd. Right now, however, you can see what we have in stock and the prices on our online storefront!

HUGE ONLINE AND IN-STORE SNOWBOARD SALE starting Friday, Feb 27. CRAZY LOW PRICES. We've got to make room for all the new inventory due in, and with this season coming to an end we've decided to completely blow out our 08/09 Nitro, Raiden, and Grenade gear. It's this season's gear and apparel cheaper than you can find on eBay! Be sure to get your gear before it's too late!


We've completely rebuilt navigation, spruced up the Links, and added all sorts of sweet stuff to the site for you to look at. Also, we've started carrying Danelectro guitars and FX pedals! We have even more up our sleeves in the music, boards, and apparel categories, but that's something for another update. For now, Just check out these totally bomb guitars from Danelectro, and start planning what one you're taking home with you! You can see some examples on the Music page.


Our first shipment of Neversummer skateboards just came in, and are we ever excited! These boards are boss. So boss, in fact, we decided to photograph them in all their glory to share with you guys, just because we like you. Check them out on the Skate page!

We're currently building separate pages for specialty sports, such as stand-up paddleboarding and the Banshee Bungee. We feel it will make it easier for you to learn more about the sports and equipment so you can come in and try the demos yourself! Expect these first two pages to be done in the next day or two, and expect a freaking ENORMOUS update on the surf page to be done by 10 EST tonight! Oh yes, we're serious.

Thanks again to all who showed up to our annual Surfrider Clean Mountain/Clean Beach fundraiser at Shawnee Peak on Sunday. It was a big hit and we raised lots of money for the folks over at Surfrider Foundation. We'll have pics up from the event in the next day or so for those of you who couldn't make it, but if you're looking to make a donation to their awesome cause or to learn more, click their logo below!

Thanks to all the awesome companies who donated swag for the raffle, such as Rip Curl, Katin, Hawaiian Island Creations, Grenade, Nitro, and Ocean Minded. You can score some of their gear in Moose or you can check them out on our Links page!

Hang ten!

Moose County Storefront...look for this!

(Ok, actually 112 steps...but who's counting?)

Dont fret, Moose County will save you!



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